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Top 3 benefits of a family get together

February 6, 2024

Planning a family reunion, holiday or celebration isn’t easy but rest assured it is worth it.

It is a job usually done by one and enjoyed by all. Getting a date, finding the accommodation and organising everyone is difficult, but it is important. It doesn’t matter how large or small your family is, getting everyone together keeps the generations connected. Here are the top 3 benefits.


1.    Quality Time

A family reunion means scheduling time together. Often we are too busy to visit an Aunt or to go for a drink with a brother but a family get together gives you un-rushed quality time with each other.

2.    Family History

There is always something to learn from your family members, whether it is being told stories from Grandparents or Grandkids teaching an older generation about the latest social media app or current music. A family reunion allows the time for these special conversations.

3.    Making Memories

A family reunion means making memories. You may get together as an annual tradition or it may be a one off celebration but spending family time makes valuable memories and photos for all generations. Having fun together as a loving supportive network of family members is priceless.

Finally, it is simply an excuse for a holiday which let’s face it we all love. Getting away from everyday lives and enjoying a different environment builds family bonds and gives everyone a new lease of life.

Home Farm Scarborough is perfect for all the family including the dog. A large family get together of 3 generations can be comfortably accommodated and our accessible suite offers easy accommodation for anyone with poor mobility or in a wheelchair or for Grandparents who would just like a little extra space. The swimming pool provides fun for all ages, particularly the kids with the inflatables. The large kitchen/diner with table seating for 12 is great for those special family meals.

There is no need to worry about the weather either, anytime of year is great, in summer the large garden and BBQ are ideal and a cosy lounge with open fire is perfect for winter or Christmas breaks. And of course the swimming pool is perfect come rain or shine.

So remember to make time this year for your family and start making memories!

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