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Summer Competition 2023

June 12, 2023

The summer holidays are fast approaching and school will be out for 6 whole weeks!  This year for a bit of fun and to keep the kids entertained we will be running a competition for our all our younger guests or indeed anyone who would like to join in.

Home Farm Scarborough is all about families and fun and you can’t come to visit without a trip to the beach, so what we need you to do is find a pebble while enjoying a day by the sea and take it back and paint it in whatever you wish. (Burniston or Cloughton rocks are within easy distance of Home Farm and the perfect place to find your pebbles.)

Your painting could be inspired by the seaside with shells or sea creatures or maybe the lovely garden at Home Farm might be  give you ideas such as a butterfly or flower or just get abstract and colourful. It really doesn’t matter - just get creative and have fun!

The idea for the competition has come from the 2018 trend to paint pebbles and hide them for others to find which in turn came from The Kindness Rocks Project started by a little girl, Megan Murphy on Cape Cod. She wrote “You’ve got this” on a rock and left it on the beach. Someone found it and left another and more and more rocks were hidden with messages and pictures. What a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day with a motivational message.

Why not paint a few pebbles and you could leave some on the beach with kind messages on too like Megan did, or we would be more happy for you to leave them in the garden at Home Farm for others to find.

However you choose to paint it we then ask that Mum or Dad upload a photo of it to social media and tag Home Farm House or simply email/whatsapp us a photo. We will show all the photos on our Instagram account and the winner will be the pebble with the most likes. Simple!

We will be posting out an £20 Amazon gift token to the winning child in September

The competition is open to all our guests, but if you are on our mailing list but not booked this summer or if you just want to have a go you are welcome to enter too with a pebble found at home. It’s all about fun and creativity.

So don’t forget to pack a few paints, get creative and enjoy! Don’t worry if you are too busy enjoying your holiday to paint you could always take the pebbles home and post the pictures after your holiday.



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