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Christmas Charity Donation

December 7, 2023

For several years now our chosen charity has been Liam’s Next Step, a local fundraiser to go towards specialist spinal neurological physiotherapy for Scarborough lad Liam Critchett. Each December we make a donation based on £20 per week’s booking we have taken during the year.

Liam was diagnosed with an extensive spinal cord cancer at aged 11 years and from a young age has undergone years of chemotherapy, operations and physio and has been a full time wheelchair user throughout.

He is currently participating in an intensive specialist neurological physiotherapy plan. Which is helping him learn to walk again after years in a wheelchair.


Over the last five years, Liam’s health has majorly stabilised and he has been determined to be able to walk again even though certain doctors told him he wouldn’t.


The Specialist physiotherapy he is currently receiving has helped him take his first steps and realise how much potential his body has. He is so determined, and never gives up and the progress he is making shows exactly that!


Liam's treatment to help him walk is unavailable on the NHS  and currently cost £14,820 per year. The annual donation Home Farm Scarborough makes goes directly towards that treatment. Which is making a huge difference to Liam’s life.


This year he has made massive progress in terms of strengthening. He’s currently working with a strengthening physio, as well as a functional patterns specialist which is helping piece everything together.  The amazing news is that this year Liam has been able to take some unaided steps something he was initially wouldn’t be possible.


Liam’s determination is an inspiration to us all as we are sure you will agree. We are proud to support him on this journey which is truly changing his life.

We will be continuing our support next year for which he is really grateful and we are glad to let our guests know their holiday is contributing to such a worthy cause.

If you want to know more about Liam's journey check out his Facebook page “Liam Critchett’s Next Step”


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